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Key-persons and Recordkeeping

We have a Key-person system which gives each member of staff particular responsibility for just a few children.  Each child in the group has one special adult to relate to which can make settling into Mini Me’s much easier.  Your child’s Key-person will also be involved in discussions with you about his/her progress.  Your Key-person is available if you have any information or concerns, including achievements, about your child.  Your Key-person builds a relationship of shared trust and care with your child and you.


Each child’s development is unique and special, so during your child’s attendance at the group we will create an individual record of the development of your child using the seven areas of learning, which are:



Personal, Social and Emotional Development: e.g. self awareness- self help skills, learning to be a group member, sharing, taking turns. 



Communication and Language: Listening and understanding, Speaking, seeking support.



Literacy: Including awareness of letters, writing, recognising own name, etc.



Mathematics: idea’s such as more/ less, numbers, shape, size, problem solving, reasoning, etc.



Understanding the World: Exploring the world through a variety of sources and experiences. Awareness of the environment, both natural and man-made.



Physical Development: fine movement such as cutting, and large movement (climbing, jumping) etc.



Expressive Art and Design: self-expression through painting, drawing, music & movement, modelling etc.


Child led activity including balance and turn taking.

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